Real Time Location Solutions (RTLS)

RTLS stands for “real time location system.” The loose definition of RTLS technology is any type of system that provides you with the current location of a given object or individual. It tells you where your asset is right now. In other words it is an Indoor Positioning System that locates and tracks anything, anyone within a defined zone that is covered by radio frequency.

Companies looking for a better way to monitor their employees and equipment can have it with the utilization of a real-time location system (RTLS). This unique and innovative technology is rapidly being implemented by many industries around the world.

With the ability to track asset and worker movement in real-time using location monitoring equipment and software, companies are able to minimize production slowdowns, identify areas to improve, and provide workers with added safety features.

We have the below use-cases/solutions under RTLS domain - 

  1. Asset Tracking & Management
  2. Employee Attendance Management
  3. Online Appointment & Visitor Management
  4. Inventory Management
  5. Maintenance Managment
  6. Workplace Safety
  7. Facility Security
  8. Customer Engagement & Wayfinding


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