Data Protection Solutions

Today, with organizations depending to a massive extent than before on data to arrive at timely and appropriate business decisions, any modification or destruction of data can have far reaching effects. Further, the need for secrecy and sensitivity of data across a wide range of sectors like banking, insurance and healthcare, has made it all the more important for organizations to ensure that customer data is not misused or misinterpreted.

The legal systems of multiple countries worldwide have also made it mandatory for organizations to ensure protection of data specific to that country. In today’s internet pervasive world, the ways and means of accessing data and misusing it has become quite easy making it imperative for organizations as well as personal users to embrace Data security measures.

As a business organization, you should adopt a business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) strategy that ensures that your data is safe and that your apps and workloads are always up and running, at times of all planned and unplanned outages that occur. 

Our service offerings in this domain are as follows - 

  1. Azure Site Recovery
  2. Cloud Backup Solution
  3. Dark Web Protection
  4. Disaster Recovery Solution
  5. Office 365 Backup
  6. Physical Server Backup
  7. Virtual Machine Backup
  8. Microsoft Azure Backup
  9. Managed Backup Service

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