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Automate Document Centric Processes with Newgen OmniDocs

As part of digital transformation initiatives, most of the organizations are working on multiple initiatives to enhance their operations. These programs have typically been structured as multi-year initiatives to integrate technology into every area of the business for generating unprecedented value to customers.

A comprehensive digital document processing strategy can greatly help businesses to quickly enable their workforce for remote working. It does not need much change in daily work routines and does not require a lengthy or costly implementation.

Essential components of such a strategy will include -

1) A digital document processing system 

Technology to digitize, import, store, manage and enable collaborative processing of paper and electronic documents

2) Cloud

Secure, ready to use and accessible from anywhere

Beyond remote working, this presents enormous opportunities to build a modern workplace with improved efficiency, productivity, and profitability. This article shares light on such a solution for the millions of businesses that are looking to quickly adopt digital processing to manage their businesses in the current situation and prepare themselves for any such situation in future.


OmniDocs Enteprise Content Management System

Documents are the backbone of business entities. Organizations receive (or generate internally) plethora of documents daily while conducting their businesses. Any document or set of documents originated in the organization has a purpose and needs some action.

For example –

An account opening application received by a bank to open a person’s savings account
An invoice received from a vendor that needs to be paid
A letter received from a customer requesting change of contact details
A resume is received for candidate’s consideration of a job, this might get accepted or rejected

The list of such documents goes on and a typical organization receives/generates these documents by the hundreds, every day. The documents may be submitted in physical form or digitally.

Related documents are put together in a folder, which then moves from person to person for actions and approvals. Typically, a series of actions are performed on these documents by different people and on different transaction systems, in a well-defined, orchestrated manner.

For example, in case of an account opening application, an account will be opened in the organization’s Banking System after all the documents submitted with an application are verified and approved, in line with the account opening process of the bank.

Similarly, for an invoice submitted by a vendor, the payment will be made through an organization’s payment system. When the last of these actions is performed, documents are sent for archival. These archived documents can be retrieved any time based on business needs, compliance reporting, audit purposes, etc.

OmniDocs provides a comprehensive framework for defining and executing document centric business processes, like the ones discussed above.

The entire lifecycle of the associated documents is covered in three simple stages - Initiate, Authorize, and Archive.

At the core of this solution is Newgen’s OmniDocs - a modern, scalable content services platform. It includes a library of purpose-built templates known as  for various organizational document-centric transactions for a jump-start experience.

The solution is available on cloud, secure, easy to use and can ensure business continuity in any situation by enabling people to work from the safety of their homes.


Key Capabilities of the Solution

1) Multi-channel intake

Supports multi-channel intake of different document types, including scanned images of physical and electronic document.

2) Pre-defined industry-specific templates

Offers 100+ pre-defined, ready-to-deploy  industry-specific use cases, including invoice processing, loan application, employee onboarding, and more.

3) Document indexing

Indexes documents in a set format for accurate processing and easy search and retrieval, For instance, for the account opening process, documents can be associated with the following index fields:

CIF number
Customer name
Date of account opening

4) Remote Processing

Supports multi-step processes where documents flow from one step to another, along with the attached metadata and actions. Furthermore, offers maker-checker capability so that documents are auto-routed, facilitating seamless processing.

5) Storage and information security

Archives documents in a centralized repository, facilitating easy information search and retrieval. Also, offers secure access to the repository so that only intended users view, add, or modify documents.

6) Hosting on Cloud

Offers flexibility and ensures business continuity with cloud deployment, allowing users to process documents anytime, anywhere.

 7) Built-in Mobile Apps

OmniDocs comes along with a standard Mobile App for Android and iOS based devices. The App interface allows users to access and process documents on your mobile device.


Organizations are finding it difficult to realize their vision of digital processing. However, they can gain immediate benefits by improving their approach to digital document processing - especially digital document ingestion. This approach acknowledges that paper documents will remain a reality for some years to come but enables organizations to move along the path to a fully digital future.

To be effective, digital document processes must consider the full range of inputs (both paper and digital) where documents are submitted physically or sent via e-mail or by providing them through a web portal and cover the end-to-end workflow. To make this possible, an organization typically needs to build or acquire the required technologies that encompass all of the above and much more. This is especially true for situations arising out of need, where people will prefer to work from the safety of their homes. A comprehensive Digital Document Processing & Management System will help you to take care of your organization’s immediate needs and at the same time establish a robust foundation for future.

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