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Emerpro 26/02/2022

Electronic Signature vs. Digital Signature – What Is the Difference?

What is an electronic signature? What is a digital signature? And what is the di

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Emerpro 18/03/2022

The Paradigm Shift from ECM to Content Services

ECM, as we knew it, is passé. It’s time to move on to content services! Wi

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Emerpro 18/04/2022

The Different Elements of Cloud Transformation Strategy

The trend in computing is like a pendulum. In the 1960s, it was about developing

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Emerpro 20/05/2022

Automate Document Centric Processes with Newgen OmniDocs

As part of digital transformation initiatives, most of the organizations are wor

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Emerpro 20/06/2022

Can Print Optimization Result in Significant Savings for Your Business?

Paper consumption and printing can come with huge costs if misused. Whether you

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Emerpro 20/07/2022

How Interactive Flat Panels Transforms Learning in Classrooms

As educational institutions around the world embark on the journey of digital tr

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