We are a set of passionate technology professionals with over 25 years of combined IT experience in the UAE market

Emerpro IT Solutions is an innovative technology and solutions firm helping Customers usher into the new digital era. We are a set of professionals with over 25 years of combined IT experience in the UAE market.

Being a part of EMTECH Group, a renowned technology firm operating in the UAE for the last 3 decades, EMERPRO is poised to provide a unique blend of expertise, future-oriented solutions, and business experience to our valuable customers.

  • Experience

  • Quick Support

  • Emerpro helps organizations to redefine customer experience, explore new operating models, create enhanced digital channels, and build skills by leveraging deep industry expertise for Customers to thrive in the Digital Age.

Enabling Customers to
Transform their Business


Experienced Team

We are a set of skilled and passionate team driven towards ensuring better outcomes and long-term customer success.

Finest Offerings

We are committed to innovate and offer advanced solutions as per Client’s dynamic requirements with the ultimate objective of increasing the efficiency, productivity and profitability of customers’ business.

Robust Support

We possess a talented team of certified and experienced in-house engineers to ensure seamless operations for our customers.

Our Technology Partners

We strategically collaborate with Partners from around the globe to ensure that our services are fully customised and adapted to our customers’ needs.